Forestry Services

Our forestry services include:

  • Coppicing of hedge and woodland with an excavator mounted tree shear.
  • Wood chipping to G30 and G50 specification.

Coppicing and Biomass Chipping

The forestry services section of our business aims to help landowners and all those with responsibility for managing wooded land, manage the asset, estate maintenance and timber harvesting efficiently and in a cost effective way.  With our excavator based tree shear we can efficiently coppice hedge and woodland and stack the cut material to dry before being chipped with our Jenz chipper.  Good timber, low grade timber and brash can all be separated and stacked for processing in one operation which significantly reduces the amount of traffic over the ground and thereby minimises any surface damage to the affected area.

Historically much of East Anglia’s deciduous woodland has been under managed or not managed at all, simply because there has been no financial gain from doing so since the 19th century uses for coppice timber disappeared. Today with modern mechanised equipment it is possible to bring back sufficient value to this low grade timber to make the management of the woodland a profitable exercise, and this is where the harvesting, extraction and chipping for biomass fits in. This type of coppicing using natural regrowth of the coppiced stumps can rejuvenate and bring back biodiversity to woodland and hedgerow where it has long since been lost, thereby enhancing the environment.

Indeed this also holds true for other land managers such as Councils, municipal and utility organisations, where in addition to harvesting coppice timber, we undertake site clearance work to manage undergrowth and timber that has got out of control and needs to be cleared for development or safety reasons.  All of these operations are undertaken efficiently and safely using modern machinery providing a quality service to your exacting standards.

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